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About Our Farm

We are truly a small farm only milking a couple of cows. We let our cows raise their calves allowing them to nurse naturally. This means less milk for us to use and sell but in our hearts we feel this is best for the cows and calves.  The animals forage on pasture in the warmer months and always have access to hay, when there is no grass in the cooler seasons they are fed high quality hay, alfalfa pellets and a small amount of dairy ration. Our chickens and ducks free range our property and you will often see ducklings and chicks following momma around. Our goats are retired and are usually the first to greet visitors. We are working silvopasturing into our farm to create a balance with our animals and land. We always turn towards organic practices unless it's not best for an animal. Our land has been organically farmed since 1742 as far as we are aware. It is important to us that we keep this land pure and raise healthy, happy animals. 

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