Farm Stand Open Daily 7 am to 7 pm


Raw Milk

$7 half gallon (plus $3.00 jar deposit)

Our milk is raw with a cream line. Sold in wide mouth glass jars so the cream can be easily scooped off if desired. 



$6.00 pint $8.00 quart (plus $2.00 jar deposit)

Our yogurt is plain but there is nothing plain about it! Thick and creamy with a cream top. No sugar or anything extra, just raw milk and live active cultures. 

Carton of Eggs

Free Range Chicken Eggs

 $5.00 dozen

Our chickens and ducks are truly free range and lay beautiful healthy eggs.

Cranberry Jam



Jams made with fruit from our farm or sourced from a local farm. 


Real Raw Butter*

$9.00 half pound

Butter made with our raw cream and a pinch of salt. *Butter is not always available, only when we have extra cream. 



Raw Honey $15.00 pint

Raw Honey. We sell honey from The Farm in the Woods hives, Deerfield. Some of the hives are kept right here on our farm pollinating our plants.