Farm Stand Open Daily 7 am to 7 pm


Raw Milk

$9.00 half gallon (plus $3.00 jar deposit)

Our milk is raw with a cream line. Sold in wide mouth glass jars so the cream can be easily scooped off if desired. We are proud of our raw milk and how sweet it is! We feed our cows a healthy, natural diet free of fillers and cheap feed and the taste proves it.



 $9.00 Quart (plus $2.00 jar deposit)

Our yogurt is plain but there is nothing plain about it! Thick and creamy with a cream top. No sugar or anything extra, just raw milk and live active cultures. Full of gut healthy bacteria and probiotics.

Carton of Eggs

Free Range Eggs

 $6.00  Chicken Eggs Dozen

 $5.00   Duck Eggs Half Dozen

 $7.00    Barnyard Mix Eggs Half Dozen

Our chickens and ducks are truly free range and lay beautiful healthy eggs. We support other local small farms by selling their eggs in our farm stand also. We only sell eggs from well loved chickens and ducks that are raised in the up most wonderful conditions and live a life that is truly free range. 

Cranberry Jam



Jams made with fruit from our farm or sourced from a local farm. 


Real Raw Butter*

$9.00 half pound

Butter made with our raw cream and a pinch of salt. *Butter is not always available, only when we have extra cream. 



Raw Honey $15.00 pint

Raw Honey. We sell honey from The Farm in the Woods hives, Deerfield. Some of the hives are kept right here on our farm pollinating our plants.